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UDOO Configuration Tool is a utility created to assist UDOO basic and advanced Configuration. It comes preinstalled on UDOOBuntu Official UDOO Operating system.

Tool Overview

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UDOO configuration Tool has several subsections:

Change User Password

Selecting this you'll be able to change default password for user ubuntu. It is what you'll achieve by manually doing:


Change Keyboard Layout

This changes default keyboard layout.

Change Timezone Settings

This changes default timezone setting. This affects the Network Time Timezone Setting and sometimes can solve Networking Problems.

Change Remote Desktop Password

This changes the default Password of VNC Server. Default is ubuntu.

Expand Filesystem to fill disk max capacity

This expands filesystem of current Root Partition to fill the disk capacity.

Set Default Boot Device

This edits Uboot Environment allowing to select default Boot Device from MicroSD Card, SATA Drive or NFS.

Set Default Video Output (LVDS/HDMI)

This allows to enable UDOO LVDS Panel, 7 or 15 inches. A reboot is required to enable them.

Enable UDOO Camera Module

This enables the Camera Module. A service is required to enable the loopback device. To have more informations (link)


Shows Current U-Boot environment.

More Resources

UDOO Configuration Tool Source Code on GitHUB UDOOBuntu Walktrough on YouTube