UDOO configure Ethernet under Android

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To configure Ethernet connection on UDOO under Android 4.2.2 you need to connect the board to a host computer. You need to plug a microUSB cable to i.MX6 debug serial UART on CN6 microUSB port. With a serial monitor it's possible to communicate with Android shell over serial uart.


When you connect the Ethernet cable the DHCP mode is selected by default.

Static Address

To configure a static ip address you need to open the i.MX6 debug console. Use the following command to set a static ip and a subnet mask:

ifconfig eth0 [YOUR_IP_ADDRESS] netmask [NETMASK]

Then configure the gateway ip using this command:

ip route add default via [GATEWAY_IP] dev eth0


To set different DNS you need to change the environment properties:

setprop net.dns1 [PRIMARY_DNS_IP_ADDRESS]
setprop net.dns2 [SECONDARY_DNS_IP_ADDRESS]