UDOO kernel update procedure

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Updating UDOO's kernel ensures you're aligned with latest Official build of UDOO Kernel Unico. This kernel is developed to suit a general purpose system, so it is the suggested kernel for UDOO Board.

On UDOO Board with internet connection

If you have access to a wifi or an ethernet connection download the update package directly on UDOO running UDOOUbuntu. Turn on your UDOO following the [Started Guide]

Once the OS has booted open a terminal and type the command:

wget http://download.udoo.org/files/udooupdate.tar.gz

On UDOO board without internet connection

If you don’t have any internet connection on UDOO, you can download the package on your computer from the UDOO website:


Copy the package on a USB pen drive. When Ubuntu OS on UDOO is ready insert the usb pen and copy the update file in the home folder.

Update Procedure

  • Open the terminal and extract the package using the command:

tar -xzvf udooupdate.tar.gz
  • Navigate into the folder you just created:

cd udooupdate
  • run the script as administrator replacing –cpu option value with the cpu type of your board [dual,quad] e.g.:


sudo ./udooupdate.sh --cpu=quad


sudo ./udooupdate.sh --cpu=dual

This script basically copy the new U-boot image and Kernel image on SD. Once the update has finished reboot the UDOO board using the command:

sudo reboot