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Universal Home API


The UHAPI Forum standardizes hardware-independent application programming interfaces (APIs) for analog and digital televisions, set top boxes, DVD players and recorders, personal video recorders (PVRs), home servers and other consumer audio/video (A/V) devices.

The forum has released the UHAPI 1.1 specification for Analogue and Digital Television ATSC and Personal Video Recorders (PVR). The latest specifications are available at [1]. The 1.1 version has been donated by the UHAPI Forum to CELF (complying with CELF non-member submission license requirements) and can be downloaded here: attachment:UHAPI1_1.zip .

List of UHAPI 1.1 Interfaces


Interface name Interface name
Analog Audio Decoding ATSC Decoder
SPDIF Decoding SPDIF-in
SPDIF-out Audio Automatic Volume Levelling
Audio Program Selection Audio Bass Enhancement
Audio Dynamic Range Control Audio Mixing
Audio Noise Generation Audio Volume Control
Equalizing Output Configuration
Speaker Set/Headphones -


Interface name Interface name
Analog Audio & Video Demodulation Analog Video Decoding
ATSC Decoder Analog AV Input
Analog AV Output Channel Decoding
Hdmi In Image Decoding 2
Out Of Band Tuning & Demodulation RF Amplification
Signal Strength STC Decoder
Transport Stream Demultiplexing Transport Stream Multiplexing
Tuning URL Source
VBI Slicing Video Mixing
Ambient Level Analog Video Encoder
Analog Video Encryption Anti Aging
Black Bar Detection Video Color Enhancement
Color Transient Improvement Dynamic Noise Reduction
Histogram Modification Noise Measurement
Scan Rate Conversion 2 Sharpness Enhancement
Sharpness Measurement Basic Video Featuring

Personal Video Recorder

Interface name Interface name
Data Injecting Data Extracting
SPTS Transmuxing

Other UHAPI resources