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OTA Upgrades

Secure Boot and Over-the-Air Updates - That's Simple, No? [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG
Summary: This presentation talks about secure boot feature and
Over-The-Air updates on Embedded platforms.

Secure Updates for a Memory Constrained XIP System [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Vitaly Wool, Konsulko
Summary: This presentation talks about challenges faced for secure updates on XIP
(eXecute In Place) – a technology that allows code to be executed directly
from flash without copying the code to RAM first.

Mender, Current and Future Status of the Open Source Project [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io
Summary: This presentation provides information about the current and future status of
the open-source project to deploy OTA updates to embedded systems.

Surviving in the Wilderness: Integrity Protection and System Update [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Patrick Ohly, Intel GmbH
Summary: This talk compares the two mechanisms of s/w updates -- meta-integrity an meta-swupd
against several other alternatives (dm-verity, OSTree, ...) along with detailed descriptions
of these mechanisms.

Using SWUdate to Upgrade your System [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Gabriel Huau, Witekio
Summary: This presentation will focus on SWUpdate which is an update framework here to ease your life.
The talk will cover the framework architecture as well as its possible customization and integration
into common build systems. A demonstration will be featured showing the different capabilities.

Updating an Embedded System with SWUpdate Framework [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Stefano Babic, DENX Software Engineering Gmbh
Summary: In this presentation, the speaker lists several use cases for SWUpdate framework
and explains the steps to setup SWUpdate for each case and how to build the update
images with Yocto.

Firmware Upgrades

Behind the Scenes of an Update Framework: RAUC [ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Enrico Jörns, Pengutronix
Summary: This presentation will take you through the main design decisions
in RAUC and show how it can solve some interesting use-cases such
as atomic bootloader updates, streaming delta updates, integration
into a project-specific UI and usage of an HSM for signing key protection.

Update My Board [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Mirza Krak, Endian Technologies AB
Summary: The presenter talks about how to integrate a number of open-source software
update solution to a custom board and goes through the steps necessary for each

BoF: Embedded Update Tools [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Jan Lübbe, Pengutronix
Summary: This BoF will start with a quick overview of existing open source update
tools and servers. The focus of the BoF will be to have an open discussion
between users and developers about real-world experiences and unsolved problems.

Apache Mynewt Bootloader for Reliable and Secure Firmware Upgrades [ELC 2017]

Presenter: James Pace, Runtime
Summary: The presentation focuses on the security features in Apache Mynewt Bootloader
to establish root of trust, check authenticity and integrity of the firmware images,
the threats they address, footprint and performance benchmarks and incorporation of
hardware protections available in any given chip.

BoF: Collaborating to Create the Secure OTA Update Systems for Linux [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Alan Bennet / Ricardo Salveti, Open Source Foundries
Summary: This BoF presentation analyzes different open source tools/mechanisms
for OTA and proposes some collaborative steps.

Orchestrated Android-Style System Upgrades for Embedded Linux [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Diego Rondini, Kynetics
Summary: This talk will present a two phase Android-style approach implemented for
OpenEmbedded distributions using widely adopted open source projects: the
SWUpdate update framework and the Eclipse hawkBit software update management
service for IoT.

Replace Your Exploit-Ridden Firmware with Linux [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Ronald Minnich, Google
Summary: This presentation talks about NERF (Non-Extensible Reduced Firmware),
an open source software system developed at Google to replace almost
all of UEFI firmware with a tiny Linux kernel and initramfs.

Bringing DevOps to Devices - Modern Update Approaches for Embedded Linux - Yocto Linux Containers and More [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Petros Angelatos, Resin.io
Summary: This presentation contains an overview of several update approaches throughout the
stack: application and base OS updates performed while a device remains online,
host OS updates performed with scale and safety, and true zero downtime updates
that allow drones to update core software while in flight.

Generic System for Safe Rootfs/Kernel Upgrades without Single-Point of Failure [ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Andreas Fenkart, digitalSTROM
Summary: This talk will present a minimal kexec/initramfs system that solves the
problems of fetching, verification(crypto) and actual upgrade in a
machine/product agnostic way.

Comparison of Linux Software Update Technologies [ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Matt Porter, Konsulko
Summary: This session will explore a number of different Linux software update technologies
that are FOSS projects, comparing each for their strengths and weaknesses. The talk
will also deep dive into both common and uncommon use cases that drive requirements
for these software update mechanisms.

Software Updates for Connected Devices: Key Considerations [ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io
Summary: This presentation will cover all the nuances and security considerations
one must be mindful of when deploying software updates to connected devices
to ensure the security and integrity of devices deployed in the wild.

Software Update in Embedded Systems [ELCE 2014]

Presenter: Stefano Babic, DENX
Summary: This presentation talks about different use-cases and challenges
of updating an Embedded system running Linux.

Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) - present situation and future development [ELCE 2013]

Presenter: Lukasz Majewski
Summary: The presentation talks about firmware upgrade requirements and extensions
to the existing DFuSe framework for the same.

Upgrading Without Bricking [ELCE 2012]

Presenter: Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind
Summary: This talk compares different upgrade mechanisms for remotely installed
Embedded devices.

Ksplice: Rebootless Kernel Updates [ELC 2009]

Presenter: Jeff Arnold
Summary: This presentation talks about updating kernels in a hitless manner.


BoF: Embedded Update Tools [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Jan Lübbe, Pengutronix
Summary: This BoF will start with a quick overview of existing open
source update tools and servers.At the end there is an open
discussion between users and developers about real-world
experiences and unsolved problem