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3D Incorporated: Cluster PoC 2 Demo for Renesas R-Car E3

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    • Software with proven track record for automotive mass production Since 2006, we have been developing graphics software for High-performance graphics Cluster. Since 2008, Automotive HMI Tools "REMO SUITE" has been adopted for mass-produced vehicles by major Tier1 manufacturers and auto parts manufacturers in Japan and overseas.
    • This is R-Car E3 + Cluster PoC 2 Demo. 3D Incorporated's High-performance graphics Cluster drawing realized with "R-Car E3" 1-chip. Photo-realistic reflection using PBR, IBL, and HDR was used to represent the car body in the cluster.
    • You can watch a demo video at the link below.
  • Device
    • Renesas R-Car E3
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