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I am a 3rd-year Mechatronics student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. I have worked on multiple projects in the past and I am also currently working on a few projects. My work experience is as follows:

Formula Manipal (Sep 2017- Aug 2019) I was part of a student project team called Formula Manipal for 2 years, where I worked on designing the electrical and electronics system for the electric vehicle. I also designed an in house battery management system for the Lithium-ion battery pack, using LTC6804 ICs and made a specific PCB for each slave. The system consisted of 12 slaves and 1 master, and they communicated through iso-SPI bus. This system monitored the entire battery pack which consisted of 84 cells and a total voltage of 350volts, the system monitored current, voltage and temperature of the battery pack to make sure for safe working of it. I had also worked on a motor control system, for which we used the Rinehart PM100 DZ, which was used to control the Emrax 208, PMS motor present in the car. I also designed the Data acquisition system for the car which worked on CAN protocol and consisted of a Beagle Bone Black master and 4 STM32 slaves. The entire system collected various data from all the sensors placed through the car and also from the motor controller and the battery management system. I also designed the entire safety system of the electric vehicle which consisted of a total of 4 separate systems and a dedicated PCB for each one. These safety systems each have their own function and make sure the entire car is safe at all times. Designed separate dedicated PCBs for each system.

CAIR (DRDO) (May 2019 – July 2019) I was an intern at CAIR (DRDO) in the summer of 2019. I was interning at the robotics department where I helped in designing the navigation system for an Indo-US Hexcopter project. I helped in designing the sensor network for the copter, which consisted of 6 maxbotics MB122 ultrasonic sensors which I had to interface to the Jetson TX1, master computer through Robotics Operating System (ROS), to develop the cost map.

loopMIT (Sep 2019 – present) I am currently part of a student project team called loopMIT, where I am the electronics and propulsion subsystem head and we are currently working on designing a hyperloop pod that propels with the help of a Linear induction motor and can also levitate with the help of passive levitation. I am working on designing the electronics system of the pod, which includes the Data acquisition system, battery management system, the motor controller, flight and brake controller. Currently working on the design of the testing rigs for the levitation and lateral control module, and also in designing the linear induction motor. Also, trying to design a system that could help us in braking using the LIM.

IICDC (Feb 2020 – present) Currently in the semi-finals of the IICDC competition, where we are building a smart IoT based agricultural system called E-Agri. I am working on developing the sink node, which consists of a micro-controller, that gets data wirelessly from all the sensor nodes placed throughout a farm and sends these data to the cloud, where they can be processed and valuable data can be displayed for easy access for the farmer. The system thus consists of multiple sensor nodes placed throughout the farm and a few sink nodes that collect data from these sensor nodes and send them to the cloud.