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Raspberry Pi Case Billet Aluminum Top Quality

This Raspberry Pi case is by far the most durable, functional, and stylish available. Ships within 5 business days no waiting or pre-ordering.

What People Are Saying:

Wolf Paulas Review

From eBay:

"Def the best looking RP case around" vertitis Sep-04-2012

"this is a thing of beauty" gasolene Aug-31-2012

"Perfectly engineered and beautiful case. Great job guys!" the_atilla Aug-29-2012

Raspberry PI Case BL 04.jpg Raspberry PI Case Raspberry Logo 04.jpg Raspberry PI Case BB 04.jpg Raspberry Pi case Skull 03.jpg 4 Different Design Options

Raspberry PI Case w PI 04.jpg Raspberry PI Case Raspberry Logo 06.jpg Access to GPIO

Raspberry PI Case BB led.jpg Raspberry PI Case led label.jpg Fiber Optic Cables above LED's with or without Labels

Raspberry pi case Mounting.jpg Mountable

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