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[[File:Pcbpic1.png|border|right|link=|300px|Robo Cape]]
* [[Embedded_Toys_Robo_Cape]]
[[File:robocapepic1.png|border|right|link=|300px|BeagleBone Robo CapeA1]]
This is a general purpose robotics board for Beaglebone Black. Sold as a blank PCB and currently selling for $27.50 and can be purchased at www.embeddedtoys.com. PCB is 4 layers with a matte black solder mask. Assemble all of it or just the sections you want. Available for download from github are the dts files, C++ source, Win7 GUI for testing each section and eclipse project folder. Also schematics, BOM, assembly drawing can be downloaded from github as well. Motor voltage capacitor footprints support up to 45V motor voltage. Communication to software interface is thru TCP.
Designed onto the PCB includes.
* 4 - L6470 microstepper controllers up to 128 microsteps.
* MAX1300 16 bit 8 channel multirange A/D converter.
* 2 - 8 Bit ports(MCP23S17) with jumper selectable 3.3V or 5V I/O
* 4 - PWM(PWM1A,PWM1B,PWM2A,PWM2B) I/O with jumper selectable 3.3V or 5V I/O.
* Timers 4-7 I/O with jumper selectable 3.3V or 5V I/O.
==Revision Changes==
===Revision A0===
Initial release of BeagleBone Robo Cape
==Getting Started==
Standard setup:
* Assembled Robo Cape
* A BeagleBone Black
* A 5V DC power supply (recommended 5V @ 2A)
* 12V-36V motor voltage supply
===Electrical Specifications===
|DC input voltage
|Cape supplied power on DC
|5V @ 2A to BeagleBone
|DC Power Input
==Signal Usage==
The BeagleBone Robo Cape uses the following signals:
* VDD_5V
* SYS_RESETn (A1 only)
* I2C2_SCL
* I2C2_SDA
* SPI0
* SPI1
* Several GPIO's
Currently firmware loads as virtual capes. This gives the user the freedom of using the
EEPROM for there own use.
|EEPROM Support
|user programmable
|Part Number
|user programmable
* [https://github.com/embeddedtoys/Beagleboneblack/tree/master/bbbrobocape]
|Open Source
|System Reference Manual
|In progress
* [http://embeddedtoys.com]
==Product Images==
File:Pcbpic1.png|bbb Black Robo Cape PCB
File:robocapepic1.png|bbb Black Robo Cape Assembled
File:roboguipic4.png|Win7 GUI Screen Shot 1
File:roboguipic2.png|Win7 GUI Screen Shot 2
File:roboguipic3.png|Win7 GUI Screen Shot 3
To go back to the cape list, please click
[[Beagleboard:BeagleBone_Capes | BeagleBone Capes]]

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