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I am a young scientist, researcher, entrepreneur, educator, dancer, and student of Information Systems at the University of São Paulo. I conducted the research “Schizophrenia: establishing relationships between evolution and neurodevelopment” in high school, with which I was a finalist in science fairs such as FEBRACE and MOSTRATEC, having taken, in the latter, the 3rd place in the category of Cellular and Molecular Biology and accreditation for Milset, together with the Abric Award. I was also awarded in the Senior Regional Division of the Technovation Challenge 2017 and participated in the QUANTA competition, in INDIA, winning, together with the group from my school, 2nd place in the robot competition. This intense trajectory allowed me the opportunity to participate in the Yale Young Global Scholars program in July 2018, which opened up new horizons for me. I am a young educator, leader, and current President of the youth movement Avanhandava, in addition to having integrated the Academic and Athletic Directorate of my institute. Today I am part of TECS: USP's social computing group.