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Working USB Webcams

Brand Name Model Number Hardware ID Verified OS Resolution Additional Information

Canyon CNR-WCAM820 Raspbian Wheezy 2 Mpixel 2 Mpixel camera with manual focus; works with fswebcam and v4l4j on Raspbian Wheezy armhf; problems with 1600x1200 resolution in some apps (timeouts - probably too slow USB); 1280x1024 and lower resolutions works OK
Creative Live! VF0470 ArchLinux works out of the box on ArchLinux
Creative Live! Cam Vista IM VF0640 Raspbian works on Raspbian at 320x240 resolution, 15fps
Creative Webcam Notebook PD1170 Detects, untested.
HP WebcamHD-2200 HD-2200
HP Webcam HP-3100 HP-3100 UVCVideo /dev/video0 Needs chmod to 666 to operate. Will work without hub if only device in USB ports. Works with both Arch and Wheezy out of the box
Logitech Webcam C100 V-U0013 works fine without powered hub