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My nick is Mehtril, my real name is Rafael Campos Las Heras. I'm not really used to write in public places. I've my own blog, but is not really updated. For now, you could take a look at

I just put some small information, and maybe i'll put something about my OpenSource projects.


2009 was a boring year at work, since my ARM project was cancelled. So i only develop some software over microcontrollers with propietary tools. At home, i did some work with the community (OpenMoko, Qi-hardware, ....) and some consulting with TuxBrain. And those were the better moments i had this year. I also attended to DebConf in Caceres, and some Fix Parties. Was a good OpenSource year, working with David and the community. I also had the opportunity to hack some devices (e-Reader, pre-release phones, video games, ...) The balancing was nice.


I`m going to speak what i`ve been doing during 2010 with some OpenSource ecosystem. First i moved from Spain to Brazil. Later on i started to work with RTAI and microcontrollers. At home i did`t have so much time, so i only act as user and test some kernel patches for private uses (my laptop, my BenNanoNote, ...) I also started to learn scientific applications like scilab/scicoslab for test and model generations. With a good focus in mind, i started to learn Verilog HDL, but the few free time went so fast that i was not able to follow lekernel`s fast development at Milkymist project. I tried to get some NanoNotes to Brazil, but was so bureocratic and expensive job (in money and time) that i desist. Since May i`m waiting a SIE board, to help the port RTAI/ADEOs to it, and also the RT_PREEMPT_PATCH to the Ingenic devices (i did some initial work with my NanoNote, but it`s not finished). In October i tried to start a start-up over Internet, but again the amount of hours that i`ve to work, and the family duties does not allow me to finish it. At work i`m trying to produce an OpenSource ecosystem for our microcontrollers environment. We use SDCC for PIC devices, GCC for ColdFire v1 devices, and i ported the OpenBDM debugger for ColdFire to a bdm-tools project. I also learn a little bit about RTEMS and i build a lot of propietary lines of code. Now the year is over, and it`s not bad, since i help to use as much as i can OpenSource tools for development.


My wishes for next year is to start a company, get back to the qi-hardware community and be active and do as much as i can kernel development. (it could be Linux or other OSs). I hope nice projects start and grows in my hands, but for now... i need to organize better my free time. Maybe i update this more often than this past year.... let`s see