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Name: Jason Pruitt
Email: jrspruitt(gmail.com)
[http://blog.jasonpruitt.com/ Blog]
[http://www.jasonpruitt.com/ Project Pages]
I'm a hobbyist, I enjoy building and reverse engineering. I'm more of a programmer than an EE, but love turning on the soldering iron, and getting my hands dirty.
My experience includes Python, C18, C#, PHP, MySQL, Linux and Windows XP, and PIC micros. I've done a few LCD projects, graphic and character, I'm also involved in hacking the Leapfrog Explorer and Didj. I really enjoy reverse engineering, it is a very fun puzzle, but also thoroughly enjoy taking raw materials and creating a working thing out of them. One of my favorite aspects is data protocols, I find the digital communication an interesting subject.
I've only been involved since 2008 or so in the hardware aspect of things, so I'm still new and constantly learning.

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