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==== Interest ====
==== Interest ====
* http://elinux.org/FRI#Community_support
* [[FRI]] [[ARTIK]] [[MinnowBoard]]
* [[Tizen]]  
* [[Maemo]] [[MeeGo]] [[qt]] [[N810]] [[N8x0]] [[N950]] [[N9]] [[Android]] [[ARM]] [[OMAP]] [[Atmel]] [[Intel]]
==== More ====
Tags: [[Maemo]] [[MeeGo]] [[Tizen]] [[qt]] [[N810]] [[N8x0]] [[N950]] [[N9]] [[Android]] [[ARM]] [[OMAP]] [[Atmel]] [[Intel]] [[MinnowBoard]]

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I have in mind something about joined effort on linux mobile and avoiding to have splited communities so I thought elinux wiki could be used as a starting point

Contact me : rzr at gna dot org