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Tim Bird is a Linux developer working for Sony Corporation. He is Chair of the Architecture Group of the CE Linux Forum. In the past, Tim has worked at Lineo, Caldera, and Novell.

Current contact information

You can contact Tim at the following address, which has been made spam-resistant:

  • e-mail: tim (dot) bird (at) am (dot) sony (dot) com.

Areas of interest

Here are some things Tim is interested in on this site:

List of bugs to consider

Here is a list of things to fix on the wiki:

  • should get rid of "Donations" in the navigation menu (or, support donations)
  • should change copyright statement at the bottom of the edit form
  • missing Project:Copyrights from link in statement on edit form

Things I want to add to the wiki

Tim's patch management tools

  • fix sidebar (remove "donations") when I get sysop privileges
  • review each portal page and try to hook up material I know is orphaned
    • is there a way to find orphans with MediaWiki??