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Young-Ho Song


Ph.D. Computer Engineering

2007 ~ current, Working as Fusion Team Manager (Linux Expert, Security Reviewer) in CISCO R&D SPVTG"

1996 ~ 1999, ROK Air Force Officer Training Sechool, OTS 96th

Phone : +82 2 6277 9167 (29167), +82 10 6421 2573

E-mail :,

Recent Activity

2012, Be nominated to a reviewer for "Journal of Korea MultiMedia Society (KMMS)", 12 March 2012 Korea

2010, "P4P-Proactive network Provider Participation," NDS 2010 GDC(Global Development Conference), April Berlin, Germany

2008, "Linux Monitoring and Debugging Techniques," NDS 2008 GDC(Global Development Conference), Nov Málaga, Spain


Embedded Systems, Multimedia, Network Security, Internet Traffic Measurement, Analysis in High-Speed Networks, Network Processor, VoIP, System On Chips, USN, IPTV, Set-Top-Box, P2P/P4P network


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International Conference

  1. Young-Ho Song, Taeck-Geun Kwon, “Fast Channel Change IPTV System for Enhanced User Experience,” IIHMSP-2009, September 12-14, 2009 Kyoto, Japan
  2. Young-Ho Song, Changsu Suh, Taeck-Geun Kwon, “Design and Implementation of Efficient Base Station for Wireless Sensor Networks,” IEEE SENSORS’06, Oct, 2006 Korea
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  4. Young-Ho Song, Seok-Min Kang, Taeck-Geun Kwon, “Supporting Non-Stop Streaming with Load-Balanced Placement in RAID-1*,” IEEE MTAC, Nov, 2001 USA

Domestic Journal

  1. Young-Ho Song, Taeck-Geun Kwon, “Logical view based Copy-Ahead technique for P2P IPTV,” Journal of Korea Multimedia Society, 2010.07 v.13, n.7.
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Domestic Conference

  1. Young-Ho Song, Jae-Young Sung, Chul-he Lee, Dae-Young Kim, Ho-Geun Lee, “The Design and Implementation of device integration controller using Linux frame-buffer,” Proceedings of the 31th KISS Fall Conference, April, 2004 pp.154-156
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