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This page has a list of all the libraries and the functions that are supported by Userspace Arduino project.


Description Status Notes
pinMode Working No issues
delay Working No issues
digitalRead Working No issues
digitalWrite Working No issues
analogRead Working No issues
analogWrite Working No issues
shiftOut Working No issues
analogWriteResolution WIP
analogReadResolution WIP
millis() Time
micros() Time
delayMicroseconds() Time
min() Math
max() Math
abs() Math
constrain() Math
map() Math
pow() Math
sqrt() Math
sin() Trigonometry
cos() Trigonometry
tan() Trigonometry
randomSeed() Random Numbers
random() Random Numbers
lowByte() Bits and Bytes
highByte() Bits and Bytes
bitRead() Bits and Bytes
bitWrite() Bits and Bytes
bitSet() Bits and Bytes
bitClear() Bits and Bytes
bit() Bits and Bytes
attachInterrupt() Interrupt
detachInterrupt() Interrupt
interrupts() Interrupt
noInterrupts() Interrupt