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Wandboard Dual

The Wandboard is a low cost board based on the i.MX6 multicore ARM Cortex-A9 family of processors. In consists of a core module based on the EDM standard and a simple to extend baseboard.

Linux Distributions for Wandboard


Getting started with Yocto on Wandboard

Get Involved

Join the wandboard.org group mailing list.

More Reading

Main Wandboard site at Wandboard.org


For power, you will need a 5V 2A DC power supply with a positive center pin. the barrel connector should be 5.5 mm. Current to boot-up is about 800mA. In free air, running a GPU demo, the processor gets to about 20 celcius above ambient.

The WBQUAD has a working SATA port fitted. You need an additional power supply for the SATA drive, there is no on-board power connector for the drive.

GPU/VPU support in ubuntu/linaro is patchy. 1204 is OK, anything later is work in progress...

HDMI resolution detection depends on the identification information returned from the monitor, but can be overridden using the uEnv.txt boot file, or with a serial port at boot time.

Check the google group for peripheral/kernel details.