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This article lists pages that are requested to be added to this wiki. The page specifically lists pages that have been requested by users. (Another way to do this is to create a stub page for the desired page, and add the tag for Category:NeedsEditing.) However, this page lists pages that people would like to see, but have insufficient knowledge or expertise to create.

An automatically generated list of pages that are referenced, but do not exist, is at Special:Wantedpages

User-requested pages

Put your request for a page or article you would like to see on this wiki in the list below:

Realtime testing best practices 
I'd like to see a document collecting existing information about realtime testing, with links to test programs and information about already-performed tests (with pros and cons for each approach). TimBird
comparison of different C libraries
Kernel debugging processors from user space ( kgdb and other tools ) Dinesh