YPS Oct2020 Presentations

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The October 2020 edition of The Yocto Project Summit was held virtually on October 29-30.

Link to conference website
Link to schedule


Day 1

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Welcome, Day 1 David Reyna PDF
Building and deploying containers with meta-virtualization: now & in the future Bruce Ashfield PDF
OCI/Docker containers with meta-virtualization and OE/YP Robert Berger PDF Video
Rust in oe-core: language summary, ecosystem and meta-rust merge Randy MacLeod PDF Video
Demo: Using Rust with Yocto Project Paul Barker PDF Video
Size reduction technique with Yocto Project Khem Raj PDF Video
Composing Reliable Systems with Virtualization and the Yocto Project: The vendor kernel is dead. Long live secured vendor kernels Tim Orling, Christopher Clark PDF Video
CI/CD for Yocto Project Maintainers with Kubernetes and Tekton Pipelines Trevor Gamblin, Tim Orling PDF Video
Building a BSP Layer: An overview of meta-tegra Matt Madison PDF Video
How to create a Wic plugin? Tips and tricks based on the bootimg-grub-tb plugin development Norbert Kamiński PDF Video