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The October 2020 edition of The Yocto Project Summit was held virtually on October 29-30.

Link to conference website
Link to schedule


Day 1

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
Welcome, Day 1 David Reyna PDF
Building and deploying containers with meta-virtualization: now & in the future Bruce Ashfield PDF
OCI/Docker containers with meta-virtualization and OE/YP Robert Berger PDF Video
Rust in oe-core: language summary, ecosystem and meta-rust merge Randy MacLeod PDF Video
Demo: Using Rust with Yocto Project Paul Barker PDF Video
Size reduction technique with Yocto Project Khem Raj PDF Video
Composing Reliable Systems with Virtualization and the Yocto Project: The vendor kernel is dead. Long live secured vendor kernels Tim Orling, Christopher Clark PDF Video
CI/CD for Yocto Project Maintainers with Kubernetes and Tekton Pipelines Trevor Gamblin, Tim Orling PDF Video
Building a BSP Layer: An overview of meta-tegra Matt Madison PDF Video
How to create a Wic plugin? Tips and tricks based on the bootimg-grub-tb plugin development Norbert Kamiński PDF Video

Day 2

Session Description Presenter(s) Slides Video
meta-codescanner - Static analysis for your project and how it works Jan-Simon Möller PDF Video
High quality layers Paul Eggleton ODP Video
Scale your Development with Extensible-SDK Khem Raj PDF Video
Pros and cons of various layer management tools Tomasz Żyjewski PDF Video
Intro to yocto validation Armin Kuster PDF Video
VS Code and Yocto Project David Reyna, Rob Woolley PDF Video
Security Hardening with Yocto Project Scott Murray PDF Video
Prebuilt software development in OE way Viswanath Kraleti PDF Video
Software Updates with RAUC, the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Leon Anavi PDF Video
Yocto Project Documentation migration to Sphinx Nicolas Dechesne PDF Video
Closing talk David Reyna PDF