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注意: 本站的 Raspberry Pi 维基百科页面是网友合作建立的 - Raspberry Pi 基金会不对此页面的任何内容负责
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2013年3月22日交付时间更新: 从 Farnell 处购买交付时间约为 2 周,从 RS 处购买约为 4 周。

The Pi HutPi Supply 拥有 Raspberry Pi 现货,支持立即交付。

参见购买指南来了解如何购买一个,或访问 Raspberry Pi 基金会首页获取更多信息。


Raspberry Pi 生产板 (B 型,2.0 版)

Raspberry Pi (简称: RPi 或 RasPi,中文民间名称:树梅派) 是一个超低价格 ($25-$35,约合人民币 150 - 220 元) 信用卡大小的 Linux 计算机,其首要目标是作为儿童计算机编程教学用途。由在英国注册的慈善机构 (注册编号 1129409) Raspberry Pi 基金会 开发。该基金会所筹集的资金用于促进计算机科学及相关课题的研究,尤其是学校层面,并将寓教于乐的理念融于计算机教学。该设备预计将有很多其他的应用方向,无论是在发达国家还是发展中国家(了解更多)。

Raspberry Pi 由合作的全球工业分销商 Premier Farnell/Element 14RS Components 和中国总代理 Egoman Technology Corp 生产和销售[1]

  • Products are RoHS, CE, FCC, CTick, CSA and WEEE compliant[2]. In common with all Electronic and Electrical products the Raspberry Pi should not be disposed of in household waste. Please contact the distributor from whom you purchased your Raspberry Pi device for details regarding WEEE in your country.
  • Price: 25USD Model A, 35USD for Model B, excluding taxes, postage and packaging. For information about availability and shipping see the Buying Guide.


If you are interested in why the Raspberry Pi was created, and why it is what it is, check the General History page, which highlights relevant events in its history. It is not intended to be a detailed history, so it can be read quickly. You could also check the design changes page for how the Raspberry Pi has evolved, and the manufacturing differences page that may help if you are having problems with your board.



Where can I get one and for how much?

  • The Raspberry Pi can not only be purchased via their official distribution partners - detailed information can be found on the Buying Guide page.
  • You can find out which peripherals and such are tested to work with the Pi in the Verified Peripherals section


First little Raspberry Pi Steps...

  • Ensure you have all the equipment you need to go with your Raspberry Pi.
  • Become familiar with the board layout and connect it ready for power up.
  • If you have not been provided with a pre-setup SD card you will need to prepare one with your chosen Operating System distribution
  • If you are not using a HDMI monitor you may need to set up the correct video mode by editing the RPiconfig text file on the SD-card.
  • Note: On the Debian OS after you log in you need to type startx at the prompt to get a graphic desktop.
  • Particularly after first boot its important to do a clean shutdown with the command sudo halt


You've just got your new Raspberry Pi device - what now?

  • Read a small book for the Raspberry Pi Beginner [1]
  • Take a look through the Community section, which contains a range of beginner and advanced tutorials and guides, as well as groups to help you find like-minded developers.


硬件 & 外设

软件 & OS 分发

The Raspberry Pi will run a range of OS Distributions and run a variety of software.



IC 数据表和原理图 links page.

按目录分类的数据表 来源为 Frambozenier.org 项目。


Head over to the troubleshooting page for help fixing common problems.


Head over to the bugs page for a list of known bugs.

RPi B 型 3D CAD 文件

Theses are various 3D CAD Versions in both RAR and ZIP.


项目, 向导 & 教程

  • An important source of information and guides is the Official Forum.
  • Get started by following some of the many Tutorials.
  • Common tasks and useful tips are available through the Guides page.
  • Projects can be found, and added to, on the Projects page.
  • Raspberry Pi Datasheets can be found on the DataSheets page.
  • Knowledgeable users may want to review and help out with project wishlist items on the Tasks page.
  • There are many tutorials, example projects and guides in The MagPi Magazine - which is available free online or to purchase in printed form.
  • Some more great projects and setup guides in the Raspberry Pi Handbook

中学, 大学, 社团 & 俱乐部

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation's aims include encouraging education. Several groups including Computing At School aim to bring Computing Science back into schools.
  • Go to the Education Page to add your project and find helpful links.
  • Raspberry Jams are a great way to meet other Raspberry Pi users, share ideas and tips and learn more. To find a Raspberry Jam near you, see the Raspberry Jam page.


The Raspberry Pi 社区 is steadily growing:

关于 RPi 维基百科

Do not be afraid to add your bit, content is vital for the wiki to function.

3D 渲染的 Raspberry Pi 标志





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