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Go here to see what people want: [[ZipIt Software Wishlist]]
Go here to see what people want: [[ZipIt Software Wishlist]]

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The ZipIt is an embedded Linux device. You can run other Linux applications on the ZipIt besides the built-in Instant Messaging application. You can replace or add-on the built-in ZipIt software. Users have created software for the ZipIt that you can download for free.

To access the "hidden" Linux OS contained in the ZipIt, you must replace "re-flash" the built in firmware. the currently available basic firmware is called BURN3. Instructions on how to upload BURN3 to your Zipit are here. ZipIt WiFi Flash

Once you have installed BURN3, you can access the Linux command line. You then mount a NFS server running on another machine via WiFi and can run software you have stored there on the ZipIt.

Available software

  • OpenZipIt Lots of new features for the Zipit, including audio playback.
  • Adam has developed software to add many functions to the ZipIt including a web browser. Here's more info ZipIt Adam Software Detailed instructions on how to install this software: ZipItAdamHOWTO

Get the following from: http://www.santoni.ca/albert/zipit.html

  • sed-4.1.2 - the usual UNIX stream editor (notably missing from OpenZipIt)
  • minised-1.5 - a smaller implementation of sed.
  • ipdump2-pre1 - a simple packet sniffer
  • wget-1.9.1 - retrieves files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
  • wavemon-0.4.0b - a neat utility to provide some realtime wireless statistics. more info: ZipIt Wavemon
  • ivorbisfile_example - using the Tremor library, this supplied sample application plays Ogg Vorbis files. (Use with: ./ivorbisfile_example < file.ogg > /dev/zipaudio) - Also, make sure you load the sound drivers first... (run "go2" on OpenZipIt)

Get the following from: http://stoa.dhs.org/~cvs/zipit/

  • /sbin/init This script is designed to work with Adam's Zipit distribution. It replaces /sbin/init on the root filesystem and attempts to boot an mmc card first, then mount an nfsroot filesystem.
  • mmc driver Optimized version of Ken's mmc kernel driver. This driver improves read/write performance by a factor of almost 2. Please ensure that your mmc data is backed up before testing this driver.
  • Familiar The Familiar Project is working to create the next generation of PDA OS. It is an ipkg based distribution for arm based handhelds (like the Zipit). The distribution is too large to fit within the 2MB flash available in the Zipit, but for those of us with an MMC interface or those willing to boot to an nfsroot filesystem, this distribution could be an ideal way to expand upon the available software.
  • zipit-tools A set of tools for accessing the Zipit hardware. These tools include preliminary versions of programs to do software shutdown, suspend to RAM, and a powerd daemon to handle suspend when the lid is closed. Also, tools for manipulating the LEDs and obtaining battery status are being worked on.

Get software from http://www.cybertheque.org/homebrew/zipit/

  • X-10 control software
  • Linphone

Source Code

Info on compiling sourcecode is at ZipIt Compile

  • Lid - check to see if lid closed button is pressed ZipIt Lid
  • zipitgfx - a tiny little graphics library to do some rudimentary drawing to a Zipit's framebuffer Zipit Gfx


Go here to see what people want: ZipIt Software Wishlist