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So, as far as I can tell, the next steps in OpenZipIt development should be focused on turning it from a proof-of-concept into a useable platform for wireless messenging (and other whatever cool stuff we can think of.)

The major steps to doing that (as far as I've thought are):

  1. Making sure the device automatically connects to wireless access points properly. Cynfab (Ken McGuire) told me OpenZipIt currently tries connecting to any open wireless acces point, but uses a static IP (should be DHCP or given the option) and also uses the DNS servers on his ISP's network (in /etc/resolv.conf)
  1. Getting a rudimentary GUI up and running. We need a simple program that gives you a menu allowing you to do things like launch centericq (or whatever), connect to an SSH server, view the list of access points, manually reconfigure the wifi settings, etc.
  1. Tying into the above points, making the thing do as much autoconfiguration as possible. I believe OpenZipIt 'should' be usable without requiring manual customization (ie. modifying the root image.) In order for this to happen, it's got to have a little bit of smart software to do as much as possible automatically, and then when user intervention is required, prompt them with a GUI. (All this GUI stuff could be done in one program, call it something like "ZipItShell"...)
  1. Applications I already mentioned the important GUI application that should tie everything together, but OpenZipIt also needs more applications. Tiny, useful, cool applications.
  1. Documentation I think people would definitely be more inclined to try compiling apps for the Zipit if there was some documentation on how/where to get the toolchain needed to cross compile... (Did I see this somewhere before?)
  1. Lastly, we need OpenZipIt to still be customizable. That's why it's cool and fun. We need all the autoconfiguration and GUI and everything, but there still has to be extra room in the ROM for the user to add apps. Consequentally, we have to keep the whole idea of OpenZipIt simple, like it is now. :)


Albert [bomberman0]