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(Volunteering to improve the wiki)
(Resources for volunteers and wiki administrators)
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* [[ELinuxWiki:Mailing List|Mailing list]]
* [[ELinuxWiki:Mailing List|Mailing list]]
* [[ElinuxWiki:History|History page]]
== Donations ==
== Donations ==

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Volunteering to improve the wiki

Below please find links to various pages with information and ideas for content and feature additions to the eLinux wiki.

(Various lists have crept up over the years, lets try to gather links to them here:)

Lists of editor tasks:

Lists of administrator tasks:

Other lists:

Resources for volunteers and wiki administrators

To communicate with other elinux wiki volunteers, editors and administrators, please join our


We don't really have an official mechanism for donations of money.

We are, however, looking for donations of items we can use for prizes for some of our upcoming contests. Embedded Linux-based products, or tools or books related to embedded Linux, would be most appreciated.

If you have something like this, or a large donation (greater than $100), please contact Tim Bird or Bill Traynor.

Tim is available at: tim (dot) bird (at) am (dot) sony (dot) com. Bill is available at: wmat (at) naoi (dot) ca.